Dear editor,

I was just reading about a local teen that decided to take his own life by jumping off the parking structure in downtown Wausau. This is heartbreaking.

This is part of an unseen epidemic among our young people. So many teens are lost and hurting.

These days our children face more stress than ever before. Stress leads to anxiety and depression. I know, I was once a suicidal teen. Many parents are so busy, they probably don’t even know that their kids are hurting. This is made worse by the fact that kids won’t tell their parents when they are stressed out and depressed. They put on a front.

I did it for years.

Untreated depression and anxiety are the leading cause of all addiction. Think about it, happy people aren’t addicts and they don’t commit suicide. But, happiness is the easiest emotion to fake. So, even if you think that your kids are happy, dig a little deeper. Learn what to look for. Do some research and educate yourselves before you “think” everything is OK with your kids.

It just may save their life.

Peace, everyone.

Gary Alan Wadzinski
Weston, Wisconsin

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