WAUSAU – Six physicians completed their family medicine residency training from the Wausau Family Medicine Residency Program with a graduation ceremony on June 21.

The physicians who completed their residencies include Amanda Schoenfuss, DO; Casey Totten, DO; and Tswjfwm Vang, DO. Resident physicians from this class who will finish residency later this year are Dillon Myers, MD; Elizabeth Schuebel, MD; and Caitlin Harris Hwang, DO. Of this group, Drs. Schoenfuss and Schuebel are staying in Wausau and will join the Aspirus Family Health Specialists and Aspirus Wausau Family Medicine clinics, respectively.

As one class graduated, five new physicians began their three-year residencies in Wausau on July 1, according to Aspirus. The incoming class of residents is the latest in a long line of physicians who have received their training at the Wausau Family Medicine Residency Program.

About the Residency

Resident physicians see patients at the Aspirus Wausau Family Medicine Clinic on Wind Ridge Drive. The clinic location serves as the residents’ educational home where learning experiences are incorporated into clinical experiences using one-on-one teaching environments that take place in multiple settings utilizing different technologies.

Residents have opportunities to work with multiple health care professionals across numerous disciplines. Resident physicians rotate at Aspirus Wausau Hospital in several different capacities, including the emergency room/regional Level II trauma center.

Photo courtesy Aspirus. Pictured are Caitlin Harris Hwang, DO; from left; Dillon Myers, MD; Elizabeth Schuebel, MD; DO; Tswjfwm Vang, DO; Casey Totten, DO; and Amanda Schoenfuss, DO