Dear editor,

In the August 1-8 edition of City Pages,Progressive editor of the RECORD REVIEW, Peter Weinschenk penned an article addressing and in support of the Pride Month resolution recently approved by the Marathon County Board. I would like to respond to that article.

FIRST, the religious aspect as addressed by Weinschenck; the author refers to several religious quotes, one from the Catholic Church and another from the Lutheran perspective. First let me say I am not the poster boy for religious thoughts, being a failed Catholic and an occasional Lutheran. However I did have a strong religious upbringing and know enough about the Bible’s (old and new) to know its word to us is, has been an will always be that homosexuality is a sin. That fact can’t be danced around, fluffed up with confusing rhetoric, taken out of context by others to give it another meaning. The Bible is on solid non-swaying ground in the treatment of homosexuality- -IT IS A SIN! But, the Bible also tells us to give comfort to and pray for those who have sinned. However, nowhere does it command us to clear a path so that those who have sinned may continue down that same path. Bottom line going down the LTBGQ trail, LOVE THE SINNER but HATE THE SIN.

OK- -enough on the Bible perspective.

Now, onto the County Board two votes; this issue should not have been allowed to come before the County Board or before any government body. It is not the duty of government to tell the people they represent what their mindset should be. When the Board voted in favor of supporting, loving and inviting LGTBQ people into our communities, it is saying we represent the people of the whole County and that position and lifestyle is represented by our supportive vote. And flying the rainbow flag above the peoples’ Courthouse is in the name of all people in the County. The County may pass laws and legislation but it is totally out of character, outrageous and dangerous to attempt to influene peoples’ mindset. By doing just that we insult the individuals who choose to follow their own religious beliefs, family and community values.

What’s coming down the road: Many people in the County dread situations which are almost certainly to be forced on our communities because of LTGBQ demands. Take, for example, the bathroom issues which have been raised across our Country. This issue has already cost communities millions in order to facilitate the demands of transgenders. Are you prepared to this? I am not.

Our schools, like so many already across our nation, will soon be told to allow LGTBQ textbooks, pamphlets, teachings, student classes and clubs championing the LGBTQ lifestyle. Ready to this transformation? I am not.

Our high school, university and club sports teams will be mandated to allow transgender boys (transformed to girls) to play on softball, basketball, swimming, tennis, etc teams traditionally established for females. Ready? I certainly am not.

Finally, worth noting:Recent studies authored by researchers at Johns Hopkins University concluded that; “Only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood.” The study found that, “. . . as many as 8 in every 10 male research participants said the same-sex attractions they felt in adolescents faded as they grew into adulthood.” The results were almost the same for girls. So, ask yourself this; will the heterosexual community lose those 8 out of 10 if we accept that LGTBQ is a totally acceptable and welcome lifestyle in our communities? BE PREPARED!

Bill Miller, Rib Mountain

Dist. 36 Marathon County Board Supervisor

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