By Shereen Siewert

City leaders this week will review a proposal to create a business development specialist position in Wausau’s Community and Economic Development Department, while eliminating an administrative assistant position.

The new role will include analytical work to support the comprehensive plan and economic development strategy for the city and communicating those plans and goals to businesses and the community as a whole, according to the proposal.

The position is primarily responsible for implementing business retention and attraction efforts, encouraging the development of infrastructure and public amenities to support area business needs, marketing the city’s efforts to potential new businesses and strategic workforce populations including managing the city’s ‘Wausome’ campaign, and advocating for public policy and tools that improve the economic competitiveness of the city, according to Economic Development Director Chris Schock’s proposal.

If the proposal is approved, the city will add $5,000 in salary plus fringe benefits to the department’s budget. Schock is making the recommendation following the resignation of an administrative assistant in the department.

The proposal is being considered Monday by members of the Human Resources Committee and is subject to full council approval.

Read the full job description here, starting on page 29.