By Shereen Siewert

Lakefront Brewery is asking anyone with bottles of My Turn Junk, a sour beer made with cherries, to either refrigerate or carefully dispose of them after officials discovered the bottles carry a risk of explosion.

Brewery officials say the beer contains small amounts of wild yeast that continues to ferment. As a result, carbon dioxide builds up in the bottles. That, officials say, could pose a danger to consumers.

The beer itself is completely safe to drink, Lakefront officials say.

“We all take in wild yeast in the air we breathe and the liquid is perfectly tasty,” said Lakefront Brewery Founder and President, Russ Klisch. “The risk comes with pressure building up in warm beer that continues to ferment.”

Lakefront Brewery is offering a refund to those who dispose of their My Turn Junk.

Michael Stodola, Brand Manager of Lakefront, said consumers should take a photo of the bottle’s back label and email it to, along with your address. Requests for refunds must be sent by Oct. 1.

To date, a handful of bottles have exploded. No injuries have been reported. Company officials are calling the voluntary recall a safety precaution.