WAUSAU — Having a piano to practice on at home is a requirement to take piano lessons — or is it?

The Piano Fun for Kids classes at Wausau Conservatory provide a way for children to learn to play piano even if they don’t have their own instrument at home. The classes are high-energy and fun, and students play along with an accompaniment track.

The next six-week piano classes for adults or children begin on Sept. 5 with class times during the afternoon and evening.

“Too often, parents rush to acquire something, any instrument regardless of quality for their kids to be able to play in order to take piano lessons,” said conservatory teaching artist, Michael Fischer. “Children can become discouraged quickly and when a student is not enjoying their musical experience, they want to quit.

“A poor instrument can be one of the greatest hindrances to musical growth. We provide students a way to begin piano for a year and that allows the parent time to plan for the purchase, as well as to find a good instrument rather than settling.”

The conservatory also makes several practice pianos available to students during the hours the school is open.

For more information or to register, contact the Wausau Conservatory at 715-845-6279 or visit www.fischermusic.com to learn more about this new teaching method and classes offered.