With the announced resignation of Sean Duffy, the people of Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District will have a unique opportunity. We get to set the tone for the 2020 elections months in advance.

Wisconsin is being called a battleground state. So let the battle cry begin here!
By this point, no matter your political leanings, it must be very apparent the federal government is no longer effective. It is split on party lines, congressmen and senators are doubling down on division, hate and misinformation. And we are the ones feeling the heat.
Our government is broken.
And that is the number one issue we all must face.
We suffer with lifetime politicians on both sides. With one side promising free everything while the other walks on eggshells, afraid to do what must be done.
So the question is, do we want another politician to “toe the party line,” one that is driven by issue politics. Or, do we want someone unafraid to make waves. One that will go to D.C., not to “play the game” but to change it.
No more grandstanding political investigations, no more “I am Spartacus” moments, no more taunting tweets or finger pointing.
We want a representative who will go there and represent us, the people. One that isn’t going to just get re-elected but one who will push to fix the problem no matter who he or she may anger.
I look at D.C. today and think of two quotes from two presidents. To paraphrase each, “If the United States falls, it will fall from within” and “Government is not the solution, it is the problem.”  And today we face the very real tipping point where the “problem” just may bring about the fall.
So let’s fix it before it’s to late. And that means real amendments and real actions to remove divisive legislators.
I propose six, two-year terms for the House and three, five-year terms for the Senate. Along with raising the age to serve to 30 in the House and 40 in the Senate.
I also purpose a amendment ending life time SCOTUS appointment capping service at 20 years. And setting a permanent number of judges at seven.
We must also end bureaucratic law making. At minimum 1,500 laws, rules or changes to them are imposed on the American people each year by unelected bureaucrats without congressional approval. This must end.
We must also return the voice of the states to the states by returning the Senate to an appointed position of each state’s legislature. Giving power back to the states and removing millions from the election cycles.
A change in election finance and return this to the individual voters is another must. Considering recent court rulings. We must again address this through a amendment. Making donations only from individual United States citizens. No more corporate, special interests or group donations of any kind.
We must also demand  a representative who will invoke Article 1 Section 5 of the constitution and start removing representatives that cross the line of civility.
These are the most important problems we face, the real problems. Are we going to elect another politician, lawyer, special interest educator or party “yes man” or are we gong to send a clear message. We are done with your tantrums, name calling and hate.
Our governor will pick the date to fill this position soon. But its up to us to fill it with a person who wants to fix the problems. Even if we have to “write-in” the representative we really need.
Patrick Adams of Wausau
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