Dear Editor,

This is letter is in response to Bruce Grau’s editorial letter regarding the need for priorities to shift to help get people working in Wausau.

A program does exist!  It is the Joseph Project for the Wausau area and surrounding communities.  The Joseph Project is a faith-based jobs-initiative to connect people in our community with jobs so they can make positive life changes based on their attitude and determination.

It was started in Milwaukee as a constituent service through the office of Senator Ron Johnson and it is growing in Wausau, Green Bay and Eau Claire.  Participants go through a weeklong life-skills training program and then are offered a chance to interview with companies looking to hire. For the first 30 days of employment, participants are given free transportation to work. The class just completed was the 9th class in Wausau and the largest class ever.   The classes are taught by community volunteers and cover such topics as teamwork, time-management, financial management, conflict resolution and spiritual fitness.

The Joseph Project uses no federal or state funding and is supported through donations from this generous community.  The class is offered quarterly, with the next session being held in December at The Cross Church, located at the YWCA, 613 N 5th St, Wausau.

Patricia and Paul Rondeau


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