By Shereen Siewert

The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department is urging the public to come forward with any information about two men suspected of threatening Hispanic families at gunpoint in an alleged extortion scheme.

The following news release was issued on Friday, Oct. 11:

“The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office is requesting your assistance. We are attempting to identify and locate two Hispanic?looking men using guns to threaten undocumented Hispanic families. These men are demanding money and threatening harm if they are not paid.

The first suspect is tall and skinny with a long face. The second man is shorter and heavy?set with a long mustache; however, is missing facial hair directly under his nose. The men were seen operating a black Ford F?150 or F?250 with no topper.

We believe your community is being targeted because of your hesitation to contact law enforcement. We are not seeking to know whether you are in the United States legally. The actions of the perpetrators are illegal and law enforcement exists to investigate all criminal acts.

If you have information, please contact Marathon County Sheriff’s Detective Armstrong at 715?261?1418 or the Colby?Abbotsford Police Department at 715?223?2313.”