By Shereen Siewert

A proposal to fine hunters who display deer carcasses in their yards failed Monday amid significant public opposition.

The proposed ordinance, which would have fined hunters $50 for hanging deer in their front, side, or back yards, stemmed from two complaintst\ in Wausau’s southeast side neighborhood. Dist. 1 council member Pat Peckham, on his public Facebook page, explained that he was contacted by two “well-respected residents” of the neighborhood who heard “negative reactions to having a deer carcass hung in the front of a home that lots of children walk by on their way to school.”

After researching the issue, Peckham said he, the mayor and the inspections department learned that hanging a deer carcass is not illegal in Wausau.

“Based on what I’d heard and those contacts, I asked those involved in that e-mail conversation if we should have an ordinance ‘prohibiting the hanging of animal carcasses outdoors within view of a public street or sidewalk,’” Peckham wrote. “The reaction I got, which again was based on the feedback we’d received in that period of a day or two, was that is was worth considering. Staff from Inspections were asked by the committee chair on Oct. 30, 2018, to consider what change we might make to ask that residents keep these things from view of the street.”

A Wausau Pilot and Review story published Oct. 20 advising residents of the proposal drew strong opposition from members of the community and a Wisconsin Natural Resources Board member. As a result of the feedback, members of the Public Health and Safety Committee on Monday opted not to move the ordinance forward.