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Name: Chris Gabriel

Chris Gabriel

Volunteer position: Bread and produce giveaway on Wednesday

Are you from Wausau? I’ve lived in Wausau for 40 years, but I was born in England. After I was widowed, a lot of people thought I would move back. But I’ve lived in North America for a long time now, and my kids are here.

How did you first get involved with The Salvation Army? I saw an ad in the newspaper for volunteer opportunities. I was a registered nurse in a prior life – I think the helping thing is a part of me. I had an uncle who did painting and decorating work for The Salvation Army in England. They liked him, he did good work for them. And he always spoke highly of The Salvation Army.

You started volunteering three years ago. Have you noticed any changes at The Salvation Army? No, nothing has really changed. Except the food has dwindled. There is not as much.

Why should others in the community care about the work The Salvation Army does? Because there is obvious need in Marathon County.

Anything else you would like to share about your volunteering with The Salvation Army? I love coming here, it’s enjoyable. I love the staff, the volunteers, the camaraderie. One volunteer, Cathy, started the same time I did. We’ve become friends outside. That is a big plus, at my age it is harder to make friends. I enjoy seeing the clients, some I’ve seen for three years.

Every day is different – different food, different problems that come up. I unload food from the gurneys and help with the give-away, making sure people understand the quantity limits. It’s a lesson in humanity every time I’m here, it really is. The good and the bad. Mostly good.

Volunteer opportunities

The Salvation Army has many volunteer opportunities available. Visit 202 Callon St. in Wausau to pick up a volunteer application and find out what’s available to match your interest.

Source: The Salvation Army of Marathon County