Dear editor,

As we grow older we have the ability to always learn. We can continue to learn from books, conversations, experience and observation. The old adage of doing “it” the same way and hoping for a different outcome appears what the citizens of Wausau have been willing to settle for! Why? Because it gives us the ability to complain and blame the people elected and tasked to have all the answers.

A few years back a referendum was narrowly defeated to add an experienced, college educated administrator to the staff at City Hall, to allow an oversight to municipal decision making. Give the department heads a boss who understood their department needs and help them research and guide the information that would go to the Council and Mayor. Discussions between colleagues as to budget needs, not just a decree to have zero increase or a percent cut from those people who need to convince their constituents they are doing what is best with their hands tied!

Well, Wausau, are we getting any smarter? Is it really any better than it was 10 years ago? Is this enough data to try something new and will any of the candidates for Mayor or the City Council step forward and say, “I am for an administrative form of government!” Anyone willing to say we need to try a change at this juncture? Remember if the passing game isn’t working, a professional football team will try the running game and if that doesn’t prove better results, they can go back to the passing game and move on!

If no candidate is interested in taking this on, do we need a different opinion to offer at the polls? What say you, Wausau, are we smarter and ready for change? Let’s hear from our candidates, NOW.

Romey Wagner of Wausau

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