By Darren Siewert

A Stevens Point Area School District staff member has been arrested and is on administrative leave, an issue officials say is unrelated to recent threats that have plagued the district.

A letter to parents and staff was issued on Thursday. The full letter, from Superintendent Craig Gerlach, reads:

“While we are unable to disclose confidential information regarding personnel, we did want to make sure you were aware of a serious event about which we have recently become aware that is unrelated to any of the recent threats. One of our staff members has been arrested.

“It is likely you will see reports regarding this staff member in the media over the next several days. We can confirm that the individual has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

“We will not be able to release additional information while investigations are continuing. We realize this will likely be a point of frustration, but we hope you understand and appreciate our position. Our first priority is to provide an environment in which all students are safe and can succeed. To that end, we will continue to evaluate current systems and procedures while addressing any concerns with careful diligence.”

No additional information was immediately released.