By Shereen Siewert

Police in La Crosse are searching for a woman and her month-old infant, a boy who is in need of “critical medical attention,” according to a LPD Facebook post.

The department’s primary concern is the welfare of the child, the post reads.

The La Crosse Police Department posted the plea for public assistance on Dec. 27. Cardogan and her son remain missing as of Monday, Dec. 30.

According to a report in the La Crosse Tribune, police were called Thursday to Cadogan’s residence by Child Protective Services after a social worker raised concerns that the baby hadn’t been taken to the hospital to be treated for jaundice. The condition causes yellow discoloration in a baby’s skin and eyes and can indicate severe health problems, according to Mayo Clinic Health System’s website.

The social worker told police she was concerned that, if untreated, the baby could develop brain damage, according to court records.

Police found the child’s father, Volante C. Feist of La Crosse, at the home. But court records show bond conditions forbade Feist from contacting Cadogan or visiting her residence, according to court records. The bond restriction is connected to a case filed earlier in December in which Feist was arrested after allegedly attacking Cadogan while she was holding the infant, tackling her and holding her down. Charges of felony bail jumping were subsequently filed against Feist, who is not cooperating with police.

Court records show Feist has a prior criminal record that includes pleading guilty to assaulting a 16-year-old girl when he was 21. He also has previous convictions for possession of methamphetamine, burglary, trespassing, theft and disorderly conduct, according to online court records.

The La Crosse Tribune reports the social worker had been trying to contact the family for a week. Then on Dec. 20 she spoke to Feist, who refused to disclose the whereabouts of Cadogan and the child.

CPS ultimately received a warrant Thursday to enter any residence to locate the child and take him to a hospital for treatment but so far the boy and his mother remain missing.

Please contact the La Crosse Police Department, 608-785-5962, with any information on Tracy Cadogan’s whereabouts.