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Dear editor,

We all have become painfully aware that most of the media ( right and left) does not really give us the unbiased truth or even basic fact anymore.

Most of us rely on the media to form our opinions. Our daily lives are so full, just living. House and car payments, family, friends, jobs, personal  crisis or celebration. 30 minutes of TV news or a few quick articles with the morning coffee are all we can spare.

Watching and the news of the Death of Iranian General Qassen Soleimani this becomes poignantly obvious.

We have heard the words assassination, national hero and victim used  liberally ( pun not intended). All while the media avoids the many truths and facts behind the man and his government as if speaking them would be stepping on a landmine. Which it just may be, when you look at the history  of Iran and it involvement in tragedy and discord around the world for the last 40 years!

 So I took the time to really look, here is what I found corroborated  by nations, intelligence services, and US and foreign media.

Most of us know the US classified Iran’s Government as a terrorist organization in 2019. Many think that this was just the whim of  President Trump. But was it? World wide history backs up the classification.

2018 German authorities arrested Irainian diplomat Assahollah Assadi. Claiming  he provided explosives to be used in a foiled bombing attempt in Paris ( Search BBC , Belgin, and German papers)

2018  Albania expelled Iran’s  Ambassador G. Mohammadnia and a diplomat after a plot was uncovered  to bomb the dissident celebration of the Iranian New Year in Albania in March  2019, and linked them both to an attempted bombing in France.( Search VOA.. Voice of Albania.. News service)

2018 France froze Irans assets in country over repeated attempts  at Terroism in France

2015 Bahraini authorities uncover a major bomb making ” factory ” and arrest several individuals  linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The next day Bahrain recalled it Ambassador to Iran and Expelled  Iran’s Ambassador as persona non grata. ( Search ” The Daily Star” of Lebanon)

In April 2016 Bahrain cut all diplomatic ties after  uncovering another major terror cell linked to the Iraian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.

2012 July India  New Delhi police link a February  bombing that injured a Israeli diplomat  and several civilians to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds force, along with an unexploded bomb found in the nation of Georgia targeting Israelis  there. ( Search “The Times Of India)

2012 June Kenya,  authorities arrest 2 members  of Iran’s Quds force for planned terrorists activities,  They admitted targeting, U.S., Israeli , Saudi and British targets in Kenya,  leading police to 15 kilograms of explosive materials. ( as reported by ABC news)

2012 Feb. In Thailand  a series of explosions were linked directly to Iran when multiple Iranians were arrested  including one Iranian who was injured in a botched explosion. ( Wall Street Journal)

2006 Argentine issued warrants for the arrest of former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani, and the commander of the Revolutionary Ahmad Vahidi for the 1994 AMIA bombing after prosecutors  discovered a deliberate cover-up of Iranian involvement . A third warrant was issued for Imad Mughniyah a Hezbollah Commander already indicted for the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. ( search AMIA bombing)

These are just a few I easily found. Not even counting the well publicized TWA flight 847 hijacking in 1985 and the numerous  attacks, bombings, kidnappings, and assassinations by Hezbollah and Hamas. 2 organizations openly supported, funded, and trained by Iran.  Including the 1994 London bombing by Hezbollah that failed to kill Salman Rushdie!

And don’t  forget the 1995 conference in Lebanon  where multiple terrorist organizations were invited  by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard led by Soleimani. Including Hezbollah and Hamas!

Now,  if it was just 2 or 3 incidents, that might be a coincidence or even  U.S. pressure. BUT THE NUMBER of cases from Europe to Africa, Asia to South America, can leave little doubt.. excuse me NO DOUBT, Iran is responsible for terror on a global scale and that Soleimani was one of its  major leaders.

The Iranian Government and its Revolutionary Guard are a world wide Terrorist  Organization, not a nation. The U.S designation, as such, is well founded and frankly long overdue!! All of this, and much more, qualified  Soleimani as a legitimate terror target. And just a side note..Quds translates to Jerusalem

As the now famous  meme says. ” Change  My Mind…. Or maybe. . I just changed yours!

Patrick B Adams

Wausau, WI.