By Shereen Siewert

Officials in Merrill on Tuesday passed a resolution declaring the community a “Second Amendment Sanctuary City” where “unconstitutional” gun laws will not be enforced.

More than 400 municipalities in 20 states have now passed resolutions opposing the enforcement of certain gun laws passed by state or federal lawmakers.

A Second Amendment sanctuary refers to a city, town, or county that has adopted a resolution rejecting the enforcement of state or federal gun laws perceived to violate the Second Amendment. Targeted regulations commonly include red flag laws, universal gun background checks, and bans on assault-style weapons.

Merrill City Council member Steve Osness presented the resolution, which states that the citizens of Merrill are “opposed to any legislation considered by the Wisconsin State Legislature that would infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.”

Lincoln County officials are proposing a similar resolution.

In November, Florence County passed a Sanctuary resolution, while officials in several other municipalities including Saint Germain and Brown County are also considering such measures.

In general, a Sanctuary resolution is not legally binding, but expresses the locality’s intent that its public funds not be used to restrict Second Amendment rights.