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Pet of the Week: Jerry and Jayla

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The Humane Society Pet of the Week is a service of PawSau Pet Sitters, providing loving care when you’re not there. Learn more here.

Jerry and Jayla


If you’ve been looking for an 80-pound lap dog who loves to snuggle, I’m your guy. My name is Jerry, but my friends call me Jer Bear. I traveled all the way from Texas to fall in love with someone just like you, but I didn’t come alone. I’m here with my other half, Jayla, and we’re hoping to find someone with a heart as big as Texas who has room in his or her home and wallet for us. We had been found together as strays and no one came to claim us, but we don’t let it get us down. I’m patient and kind and friendly with other animals, but I am happiest around Jayla, though I tend to pick on her sometimes. I hope to see you at my kennel door soon!

Jerry and Jayla


Who has four paws, big brown eyes and wants to love you? Me! My name is Jayla. I was found as a stray and turned over to an animal control facility in Fort Worth, Texas, with my BFF Jerry. We both hitched a ride to Wisconsin and so far we are loving the treats, the people and the snow. I know this may be asking a lot, but Jerry and I would like to leave here the same way we came — together. We are a bonded pair and I’m just not myself when he isn’t around. Two 80-pound lap dogs sounds like a dream come true to me! I’m friendly with other dogs and don’t mind cats.

Editor’s note: Pet of the week is a weekly feature profiling pets at the Humane Society of Marathon County in need of a home. To find out more about this week’s pet and the adoption process, visit the HSMC website here.

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