Christopher Norfleet is a candidate for Wausau City Council Dist. 1. (Contributed photo)

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Dear Editor,

I’m Christopher Norfleet, running for city council because I want to form more connection and interaction within the community.  I believe we must acknowledge that something is wrong when the citizens, economic developers and diverse communities don’t have the social infrastructure to represent all.

Policy makers overriding responsibility is to the citizens of Wausau. What is good for the city should also be good for every neighborhood.  We must respect the value of citizens’ time and taxes because in most cases these are EXTREMELY limited commodities.

I promise CHANGE YOU CAN SEE in:

  • Community Development: Prioritize citizen quality of life, over special interests that benefit the few with Tax Increment Financing (TID) AND diversion of city tax dollars away from citizen centered amenities. We need better priorities for community improvement block grant spending needs.
  • Economic Development: Works best hand in hand with the above principle. How many resources have we lost fretting over the mall, while homeless sleep in ramps?  How many more deals do we need with out-of-town developers?  Wausau has banks on every corner, why aren’t they given first at bat to support their own community?  If it’s too risky for them, why are taxpayers not given the same consideration to voice their risk tolerance?
  • CITIZENSHIP: Inject an intentional thought process how in how we treat each other as council members, staff and citizens. I have run symposiums and events centered around the ideals that most everyone agrees, but often takes for granted. We are better when everyone feels welcome in Wausau.
  • LISTENING: It’s our responsibility to make sure citizens are treated like the BOSS!  I embrace the efforts of Citizens for a Clean Wausau to ensure city improvements consider the impact on any neighborhood impacted.  Citizens appreciate a voice AND an ear.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: No more sweeping issues under the rug. It’s worth our time to achieve peace in the process so that authentic voices are heard and respected.  We can’t let wounded egos fester and just look past others in the room.  We are more productive when we resolve differences as equals on this earth.
  • TRANSIT: Transportation is a UNIFYING SERVICE.  Neighboring communities must see this isn’t just a Wausau issue.  We need community leaders, businesses, churches, and citizens to press a little harder, dig a little deeper, look inward and IMAGINE how much better we could perform as a city, as businesses, as a workforce if the challenge of transportation was eased a little for those able to use it for those critical life purposes.
  • OPEN MEETINGS: Unless advised by city legal counsel under the law.

At the end of the day I want to help us all become more efficient at working together to pursue happiness. In order for the process to work we must remember that it was designed for public participation and ultimately at the behest of community. I believe we should firmly stand with building a process that citizens can detect and feel the respect coming from the leadership.

SEE the Change, BE the CHANGE, Peace and Love,

Christopher Norfleet, Candidate, Alderman Dist 1, City of Wausau

Christopher Norfleet is a candidate for Wausau City Council Dist. 1. (Contributed photo)