The second annual Wausau Area Silver Pageant to honor women in their age of excellence is set for Feb. 22 at the Wausau East High School auditorium, presented by CWCT.

This formal, nonprofit pageant, spearheaded by Mountain Terrace Senior Living, will recognize the legacies of 12 local women who are 75 and older. Nominees are set to compete against one another in several categories, including a question-and-answer portion and a multimedia talent presentation.

The honorees

Reenah McGill, 80. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Reenah McGill, 80. McGill is living a full and vibrant life as a practicing acupuncturist and a doctorate in oriental medicine. She has called many states in the U.S. home and loves to travel both in and outside of the U.S. She has finally settled in Wisconsin so she could be more involved in the lives of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.






Kathy Kocik, 75. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Kathy Kocik, 75. A mother with strong faith and a vibrancy for life, Kocik has dedicated life to caring for others.  One of her favorite sayings is, “This too shall pass,” which can readily apply to most any situation in life, good or bad.






Mary Kay Baker, 75. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Mary Kay Baker, 75. Baker was born and raised in Antigo, Wisconsin. Diagnosed with polio at age 11, Baker never let her illness dictate her life and attitude. As a community volunteer, she continues to live life every day with gratitude.






Jan Kocha, 77. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Jan Kocha, 77. An active member in the community, Kocha has been instrumental in opening and running many local businesses. She also has been a foster mother to 40 babies and recently retired co-owner of Interim Healthcare. For Kocha, life is just beginning.






Jean Schneider, 86. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Jean Schneider, 86. Schneider sets an example of walking by faith. After the loss of her husband at a young age leaving her with eight small children, she has been able to lean on the Lord for her strength and she has spent her life serving others.






Helen Ponczoch, 95. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Helen Ponczoch, 95. Dedication and spunk best describes Ponczoch. As a restaurant owner for many years, Ponczoch learned to serve her community in a very special way. Ponczoch is a baker and she bakes for a purpose, donating her bread to help others.






Win Spencer, 95. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Win Spencer, 95. Spencer has dedicated her life to the service of others. She was born and raised in Wausau and at 95, Spencer shows no signs of slowing down. She works out three days a week, continues to be active in her church, spends a ton of time with her family and if you’re looking for her, you will probably find her on the golf course.






Kathy Klasinski, 82. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Kathy Klasinski, 82. With a passion for volunteering, Klasinski has been a blessing in many areas in our community. Her motto in life is to enjoy each day because she knows that life is a gift.






Carole Garrity, 80. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Carole Garrity, 80. Garrity is a caregiver by nature. As a weight watchers instructor, Garrity shared her knowledge with others struggling to manage their eating habits. She also enjoys crafting, and has a passion for card-making.






Nita Kay Logemann, 83. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Nita Kay Logemann, 83. Logemann is an accomplished violinist and author who gives back to her community teaching the younger generations. She has never let her struggles define her, so nothing stops her from doing something she sets her mind to do.






Anna Throwbridge, 84. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Anna Throwbridge, 84. Throwbridge always had an interest in videography and photography and started a business, A-T Video Service, in the 1970s. Throwbridge is an example of compassion, kindness and a tireless work ethic. She is a person who has overcome any adversity she has ever met.






Esther Gruling, 86. Photo credit: Emily Voss

Esther Eppie Gruling, 86. Gruling is the epitome of the German word Gemütlichkeit, which means hospitality, friendliness, good cheer and warmth. She has made close friends from all over the world because of her travels and hosting exchange students throughout the years.






If you go

What: Silver Pageant of Central Wisconsin, presented by CWCT

When: 2 p.m. Feb. 22

Where: Wausau East High school auditorium, 2607 N. 18th St., Wausau

Cost: Free

More info: This event was created to give women in our community their time in the spotlight to share their stories, honoring their lives and accomplishments.