Dear editor,

A few days ago our Governor, Tony Evers, came to Wausau to talk about his executive order creating a Redistricting Commission.

But before we get to the crux of what the Governor has done let’s look at redistricting. What we’ve  all come to call Gerrymandering.

In the Wisconsin State Constitution,  drawing assembly districts a legislative power!

The use of the word Gerrymandering is meant to provoke a sense of illegality. When it is anything but illegal. In truth it is demanded by our State Constitution!

I’ve heard it called illegal, cheating and unconstitutional. All of these statements are  wrong. Last Summer in a joint suit before the US Supreme Court Democrats and Republicans lost in effort to end legislative redistricting  because it was outside the court’s authority to do so as it does not violate federal law or the US Constitution. So its not Unconstitutional  at the federal level and since our state Constitution requires legislature draw continuous districts that promote competition, the Redistricting ( Gerrymandering) is quite legal and not cheating. It is the law!

Having lived decades in this state the same type of complaints occurred from 71 to 93 by Republicans when Dems had nearly exclusive  legislature control!

So back to the Governor. Evers announces a commission appointed by him to redraw assembly district and uses an Executive order to do so. Our Constitution  clearly and specifically gives that power to the legislature! This is a power our Governor does not have and is in direct Violation of Wi Constitutional law. And Evers Knows this!

This action  is an attempt to consolidate power in the Governor’s  office in contempt of the law. It crosses the line of politics and into a real Abuse Of Power and subversion  our our state Constitution and law!

People falsely claim  redistricting is illegally  done when its not. Well folks, Evers power grab is illegal , unconstitutional  and stand in direct opposition to his oath!

Steps must be taken to end this now!

Patrick B. Adams


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