Scot T. newcomer, 56, of Wausau. Felony charges filed Nov. 4 include 9th offense OWI.

By Shereen Siewert

A Wausau man who was arrested for 8th offense drunken driving seven months after finishing a prison term for his 7th offense will spend four years in prison, after he was convicted Friday in Marathon County Circuit Court.

Court records show Scot T. Newcomer, 56, was on extended supervision at the time of the Nov. 2 incident, which came on the heels of an October arrest for driving with a revoked license.

Newcomer was arrested Nov. 2 after police were called to a North Third Avenue gas station for a report of a possible intoxicated driver who appeared unable to stand. The driver was later identified as Newcomer, who left the gas station before officers arrived.

Police stopped Newcomer, who admitted driving. But Newcomer initially claimed the intoxicated party that was the subject of the call was actually a passenger inside his vehicle.

Police say Newcomer had notably slurred speech and glossy eyes, and said he had consumed a “few beers,” but he allegedly refused to undergo field sobriety testing and refused a breath test. A search of Newcomer’s vehicle turned up several bottles of alcohol, both open and unopened, the police report states.

Circuit Judge Jill Falstad also ordered Newcomer to spend four years on extended supervision following his release from prison and pay a fine of $3,976.

Newcomer will also be required to maintain absolute sobriety and avoid any bars, taverns or liquor stores while on supervision.