By Alyssa Frierson and Shereen Siewert

Blenker Companies is proposing a new residential subdivision in Wausau, according to city documents.

Project plans for a proposed new Wausau subdivision, with images provided to the city by Blenker Companies and Rettler Corporation. Source: City of Wausau documents, Feb. 4, 2020

The subdivision would be located off 72nd Avenue near the town of Stettin.

During a Feb. 3 Wausau Parks and Recreation Committee meeting, city officials discussed taking land near the area to build a park. The nearest park to the development site is currently Sunny Vale, which does not have a playground.

Based on an estimated population figure for the development, the company estimates a minimum of 3.34 acres of land would be needed for a park. The area is near wetlands, officials said, though wetlands would not be included in the park plan.

The proposed park would be located within 15 minutes of the planned development and surrounding neighborhoods already existing in the area.

The project is in the preliminary stages and is pending approval from City Engineering and the plan committee later in February.