Dear editor,

It’s about time for the Democratic Party to get its act together and put forward a united front — especially to independent voters (myself included) and disgruntled Republicans. For months now, under the guise of “diversity” and “transparency,” their sham debates  have done nothing but showcase the pettiness and bickering inherent in the party with very little, if any, focus on its supposed core values – civil and economic  justice, a healthy environment, affordable health care, an end to poverty through a balanced economy, etc. – that are fast fading into mere platitudes.

Looking back on the debates, I’m reminded of 20 circus clowns pouring out of a mini car then chasing each other around the ring with squirt guns and water buckets. So much is happening so quickly that the audience is unable to concentrate on any individual clown. All they can do is laugh at the lot of them. And now, after the non-caucus in Iowa, each of the clowns who survived the water fight are claiming victory – except for the pouty one who’s threatening a lawsuit if he isn’t declared the winner.

And still, after all that, the DNC has yet to preach its gospel to the masses. I’m not saying there is no room for opposing opinions in the Democratic party. Far from it, all of politics needs to be aired in order to purge the stench.

Personally, as an independent voter, I am drawn to Michael Bloomberg mainly due to his campaign. He specifically calls out Trump for his false claims and deceit, then he addresses the issue at hand, be it health care, education or the environment. It’s an effective tactic. Look at the polls, its working. The DNC should let the candidates duke it out for themselves, but also take the fight to Trump, truth-to-lie and fact-to-fiction. Show America your spine, your strength.

Jack Duffy of Weston

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