MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin State Patrol has reached a new contract deal with the state, less than two months after a previous agreement that would have boosted starting salaries by more than 20% was rejected by legislative leaders.

The new deal would update pay structure for members of the patrol, based on their years of service, and provide a general 2% pay raise retroactive for the two-year period that ended in July 2019. That is on par with what other state employees receive during that time.

Under the deal, the total increase amounts to a 9.9% bump for the bargaining unit that represents about 370 state troopers, according to a summary of the agreement by Gov. Tony Evers’ Department of Administration.

Total cost of the new deal is about $2.6 million, roughly half as much as the rejected plan.

The troopers have argued for salary increases to be more competitive with other Wisconsin law enforcement agencies that pay more.

The contract is slated to be voted on Wednesday by a special legislative committee of Republican and Democratic leaders. The panel did not vote in December on the previous agreement under complaints from Republicans that 20% pay raises for starting salaries was too much.

Republican Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, a member of the committee, said he supports the new contract and expects it will be approved.