Dear Editor,

Wausau City Council incumbents and the mayor know they have a tough road to re-election as the caliber and the sheer number of challengers clearly demonstrates people want change.

Many see some council members AND the mayor as a rubber stamp for developers and people like Chris Schock and even the WPD with little regard for input from Wausau residents.

The council and mayor can’t say they listen to Wausau residents if, in the end, the city ignores resident feedback and does what it wants anyway.

No. Mr. Schock and Mayor Mielke, you don’t get to host your own forum at taxpayer expense to combat what you “think” is misinformation. It’s not misinformation simply because you don’t like what you hear.

What the mayor and incumbents can do is get out there using their own time and resources and campaign like the rest of the candidates are doing. Citizens are frustrated enough to launch an unprecedented number of challenges….that alone speaks volumes about how residents feel their city is being run.

Do you hear us now???

Christine Salm-Little, Wausau

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