The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is seeking comment on how best to connect with the public and others in the development of the new statewide long-range transportation plan, Connect 2050. A draft public involvement plan is available for review at

A crucial part of the Connect 2050 planning process is public engagement, which includes the general public and all affected stakeholders in the statewide transportation planning process. The plan identifies the communication and outreach processes that WisDOT will follow during the update of the plan.

Comments on the public involvement plan will be accepted through March 27 and may be submitted by writing, calling or emailing:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Division of Transportation Investment Management

4822 Madison Yards Way, 6th Floor South

P.O. Box 7913

Madison, WI 53707-791

Phone: 608-266-9495


Obtaining comment on the public involvement plan is one of the first steps in the process of updating Connect 2050. Connect 2050 will provide a framework for strategies and policies for all the state’s transportation modes: roads, air, water, rail, bicycle, pedestrian, and transit through the year 2050.

Statewide long-range transportation plans are federally required planning documents that define the vision for a state’s transportation system.

Communication and outreach activities are expected to begin summer 2020.