By Shereen Siewert

A 38-year-old D.C. Everest teacher is facing charges of viewing, recording or broadcasting an individual’s genitalia, according to a jail intake list released Friday morning.

Travis Greil, who taught global studies, human geography and AP classes is due in Marathon County Circuit Court Friday for an initial appearance on the charges.

Travis Greil: D.C. Everest School District photo

Parents say Mr. Greil also chaperoned a student trip to Puerto Rico last summer.

He has been placed on leave by the district.

On Thursday, D.C. Everest officials sent a letter to parents alerting them of allegations against a teacher, but the letter did not specify which teacher was under investigation.

“Upon receiving this notification, the district and law enforcement immediately took appropriate actions to ensure the safety of students and staff, including locking all  of the individual’s electronic equipment, disabling district key card access and placing the individual on leave including a directive to remain off district property,” the letter states.

Official charges will be filed against Greil on Friday.

Wausau Pilot and Review will update this story after reviewing a copy of the criminal complaint.