By Alyssa Frierson

Members of the Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee on Thursday approved adding an additional 15-minute parking stall in the 600 block of Third Street after a request from Wausau’s River District.

Currently, the 600 block of Third Street is the only downtown Third Street block that lacks a 15-minute stall, which business owners say can help their businesses by ensuring customers who wish to make quick trips to shops or pick up food have accessible parking.

Blake Opal-Wahoske, director of the River District, told committee members that he and his organization are working on videos to help educate the public on newly-enacted downtown parking rules, which continue to cause some confusion.

Officials say that the downtown parking rules may be re-evaluated next year if additional businesses come forward with feedback on the impact and effectiveness of the new system.

The stall will be added to the the southern portion of the block.