Brad R. Weber of Mosinee. Courtesy of the Marathon County Sheriff's Department

By Shereen Siewert

A 55-year-old Mosinee man will spend three years in prison on a seventh-offense charge of operating while intoxicated, after a sentencing hearing Friday in Marathon County Circuit Court.

Brad R. Weber, 53, of Mosinee. Felony charges filed April 2, 2018 include 7th offense OWI.

Brad Weber was charged in April 2018 after he was stopped on Hwy. 51 for driving without his headlights on. According to court documents, the officer noticed an open beer bottle in the cup holder of the vehicle; a marijuana pipe with marijuana inside it was discovered in Weber’s pocket.

Preliminary breath test results showed a blood alcohol concentration of 0.053 percent. That number is less than the 0.08 limit for driving in Wisconsin, but higher than the 0.02 percent imposed on Weber after his previous six OWI convictions. But Weber allegedly failed field sobriety tests, leading police to suspect drug use.

Marathon County Reserve Judge Thomas Grover on Friday sentenced Weber, also ordering him to spend three years on extended supervision following his release from prison. His driving privileges are also revoked for three years.