By Shereen Siewert

A La Crosse woman reported missing late last year has been found and is now facing drug charges in La Crosse County Circuit Court.


Tracy Cadogan booking photo

Police have been searching for 40-year-old Tracy L. Cadogan and her infant son since late December.

Last week, Cadogan was driving when she was pulled over by police for a loud exhaust and a defective headlamp in Onalaska. Investigators say Cadogan had more than 25 grams of marijuana, 51 clonazepam pills, 20 alprazolam pills and a small plastic straw commonly referred to as a “snooter” with drug residue on it when she was arrested.

Her infant son was found under a blanket in the backseat of the vehicle and was turned over to Child Protective Services, police said.

Two men were also inside the vehicle.

La Crosse Police Department posted a Facebook post pleading for public assistance in finding Cadogan and her child on Dec. 27.

An investigation launched in December when police were called to Cadogan’s residence by Child Protective Services after a social worker raised concerns that the baby hadn’t been taken to the hospital to be treated for jaundice. The condition causes yellow discoloration in a baby’s skin and eyes and can indicate severe health problems, according to Mayo Clinic Health System’s website.

The social worker told police she was concerned that, if untreated, the baby could develop brain damage, according to court records.

Police found the child’s father, Volante C. Feist of La Crosse, at the home. But court records show bond conditions forbade Feist from contacting Cadogan or visiting her residence, according to court records. The bond restriction is connected to a case filed earlier in December in which Feist was arrested after allegedly attacking Cadogan while she was holding the infant, tackling her and holding her down.

Charges of felony bail jumping were subsequently filed against Feist, who refused to disclose Cadogan’s whereabouts to investigators.

A preliminary hearing for Cadogan is set for Feb. 28.