parking kiosk

WAUSAU — Videos that explain how the new parking system works in downtown Wausau are now available on YouTube.

Regardless of where you park, street, ramp or lot, the first two hours of parking are free, according to a Wausau River District news release. For lot and ramp parking, registration via pay station or the PassportParking phone app is required; the first two hours are free once registered. Time can easily be added on the phone app, if needed, or at the physical pay station, as needed. For street parking, no registration is needed, but cars will need to be moved to a different block after the two-hour limit expires.

Time, for all options, is monitored by camera recognition software via license plate number. This technology eliminates the chalking method used in the past and allows for a more up-to-date and efficient system, Wausau River District said.

Parking rules are enforced from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. A warning will be given for the first parking violation in a calendar year and will increase as violations occur, capping at $25.

The Wausau River District collaborated with the city of Wausau in creating downtown parking videos to better educate residents and visitors.

View the videos at: