The Abbotsford Story, Inc., which has served the surrounding communities with its charitable giving since 1986, has a new name: AbbyBank Foundation, Inc., AbbyBank announced this week.

While the bank’s original location is in Abbotsford, the story has changed. The bank now has seven locations in central Wisconsin and not everyone realizes that the Abbotsford Story, Inc. is connected to AbbyBank.

“We are excited to launch the AbbyBank Foundation, Inc. name which will carry on the legacy and tradition of giving back to our local communities,” said Jennifer Jakel, executive vice president and CRA officer for AbbyBank, in a news release.

The Foundation remains an independent foundation. Since 1986, AbbyBank has made contributions totaling over $1.3 million to the foundation, according to AbbyBank. Over the years, the foundation has made donations to Abbotsford, Appleton, Medford, Shawano, Wausau, Weston and neighboring area organizations totaling over $1 million.