David M. Repinski, 41, of Weston. Felony charges filed March 2 include three counts of battery or threat to a judge, prosecutor or law enforcement officer.

By Shereen Siewert

A 41-year-old Weston man accused of punching a bouncer at a Schofield strip club allegedly threatened to kill officers and their family members when police responded to the disturbance, according to court documents.

David M. Repinski was arrested late Saturday, Feb. 29 after Everest Metro Police officers responded to Grand Daddy’s, 861 Grand Ave., for a report of a belligerent customer who struck a bouncer at the establishment.

When officers arrived, they discovered Repinski face down on the ground in the parking lot who was “yelling loudly and appeared to be very angry,” court records state. A manager at Grand Daddy’s told police Repinski punched the bouncer after being asked to leave the bar. An employee at the bar held Repinski down until officers arrived.

Police say Repinski began screaming obscenities at officers, repeatedly threatening to shoot and kill officers “in the (expletive) face” and also threatened to shoot an officer’s family, according to court documents.

The bar manager told police Repinski was falling asleep at the bar due to his intoxication, was cut off from drinking, and lit a cigarette inside the establishment before being asked to leave. Video surveillance footage allegedly shows Repinski  striking a bouncer and being removed from the bar.

Repinski was jailed until Monday, when he appeared in Marathon County Circuit Court on three felony charges of battery or threats to a judge, prosecutor or law enforcement officer. He also faces misdemeanor charges of battery, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

Repinski, who is free on a $3,000 signature bond, is due in court May 4 for a preliminary hearing.