WESTON — Village of Weston board members Nathan Fiene and Yee Leng Xiong are introducing a resolution to the Village of Weston Board of Trustees opposing the U.S State Department’s ongoing discussions with the Lao’s People’s Democratic Republic to deport Hmong and Lao Nationals.

The resolution will be brought up at the next Village of Weston Board meeting at 6 p.m. March 16 at the Weston Municipal Center, 5500 Schofield Ave., Weston.

“The individuals that are at risk of being deported are individuals who made mistakes when they were in their teens and early 20s, served their sentences, and became contributing members of this community, Xiong said in a news release. “They are our neighbors, our business owners, co-workers, and community members. This is their home. We cannot send them back to a country where death is a high possibility.”

“This process doesn’t seem right or fair, considering the target era for most of these crimes are in the 1980s and 1990s. This is especially true because the Hmong have bought their place in America by blood and loyalty. This is a debt of honor we cannot fully repay,” Fiene said in the release.

For more information, call Xiong at 715-348-6214 or Fiene at 715-432-6791.