Dear editor,

I think most of your readers would be surprised at a headline that read: “UWSP-Wausau to offer certificate in auto mechanics.”

They would ask, “Isn’t that already offered at NTC? Isn’t this a duplication of services that are paid for by public funds?”

Their questions would be valid.

That’s why I question the recent announcement by NTC that it will now offer liberal arts courses that could lead to a liberal arts degree from schools in the UW System (WAOW-Channel 9 news, 3/10/2020). Aren’t affordable liberal arts courses already offered at UWSP-Wausau? And don’t those credits transfer to and fulfill requirements at campuses throughout the UW System?

Do we now have publicly funded institutions trying to compete with one another, rather than working together to serve students?

Both UWSP-Wausau (formerly UWMC) and NTC are outstanding educational resources serving our community. Both will play key roles in Wausau’s attempts to attract families, businesses, professionals, and others in the years ahead.

I’d rather see headlines that report how the two are cooperating to serve the people who are investing in them through their tax dollars.

Jim Force, Wausau

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