Dear editor,
I’d love to give a good word about Debra Ryan running for Wausau City Council. Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know Deb. She’s been an amazing help with acclimating to the Wausau area. I appreciate her generosity with her time and expertise. She helped me get connected with the alderman in my neighborhood, an economical arborist, provide me with reputable locations to read up on local elections and talked with me about hot topics, such as racism in Wausau. She did that without influencing my opinion with her own and went as far as to actually bring me copies of the City Pages that she was done with, so I didn’t have to go out of quarantine for them.
Even though I started as a complete stranger, Deb was invested in my new life here. It’s clear that she is knowledgeable, dedicated and willing to advocate for the locals. She listens to what’s important to them and is willing to stand up for them regardless of whether others want to ignore or discredit her. She stays current and devoted. Vote Debra Ryan for City Council!
Zjanee Anderson of Wausau
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