Dear editor,

I am a resident of the 7th Congressional District and want to draw people’s attention to the special election on May 12. There is just one candidate who will fairly and valiantly represent our district – Tricia Zunker. Tricia is a fighter, and she fights for people who don’t often have a champion.

I first met Tricia when she became concerned about hunger in our school district. For some people, showing concern about an issue might mean writing a check, or voting a certain way, or complaining about it online. Not Tricia. She investigated each school’s policies and capabilities of providing food for hungry children. She called everyone she could think of, digging up information, and what she found about food insecurity was very distressing. She decided that the best way to help these children was to serve on the school board, which she then did. In fact, she became president. Because when Tricia wants to accomplish something, she puts her heart into it, and she succeeds.

Tricia grew up here, went off to school to get her law degree, and then chose to come back. She works as an associate chief justice for the Ho-Chunk Supreme Court, and teaches law online for three different schools. Here is what I really love about Tricia – she really listens. She listens equally to Democrats and Republicans, to people who share her views and to people who don’t. She also remembers – if you see her again months after meeting her, she will remember what you discussed. She simply respects and cares about all people, and that’s the kind of representative we deserve. If, like me, you find respect to be sorely lacking in politics these days, please join me in voting for Tricia Zunker on May 12.

Shannon Thielman of Wausau

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