Dear editor,

Christopher Norfleet is my name and breaking the cycle of social and economic segregation is my goal.

It’s beyond me that we are questioning what is wrong with the black community being more susceptible to disease, drugs, violence, lead in the water and alcohol.

The answer is the “white segregated construct” is the problem.

What’s the connection between the well known “segregation” in Wisconsin and the public health in Wisconsin.

White institutions propping up segregationist ideal and construct impeding the progress, prosperity and pursuit of happiness for the average black citizen.

We can identity the infrastructural inequality of the black community, the economic inequality and the social inequality.

The lack of conscious on the part of a state that has willfully failed and ignored the need to confront the historical and systemic abuse against a whole community of people?

Why are blacks so accepting of this abuse?

Answer “unadulterated fear” of the very system and nation we suppose to love.

There is a direct connection between the poverty and all the health complications that arise from it within the black community.

Martin Luther King Jr. died more than 50 years ago and our community is still being engulfed in poverty.

He and many other people died that this wouldn’t be our reality.

I’m not going to give you all the statistics that bares this out, Google it. But the fact of the matter is they are there and staring us in the face.?

Our right to vote isn’t more valuable than our lives.

Our vote hasn’t remotely come close to getting rid of the systemic segregation and inequality.


Yes, a social revolution will be responsible for the necessary changes in Wisconsin and America.

Me choosing to express my feelings don’t come without apprehension and concerns, but fear can’t be the basis we make our decisions.?

Christopher Norfleet of Wausau

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