Response to COVID-19. For solo, small group and safe volunteer opportunities and safety guidelines, see United Way of Marathon County’s website and the Volunteer Connection section at Please adhere to any and all recommendations from the federal government, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Marathon County Health Department if engaging in any and all volunteer roles.

Blood Center of Northcentral WI: Blood Donations. During the donation process, only one pint of blood is drawn. Healthy donors only; those without any cold or flu symptoms. Call if you have questions about eligibility. Call 715-842-0761 first to make an appointment.

Catholic Charities Warming Center Meal Services. Help with meal prep, serving meals and packing pre-made lunch packs for guests. Contact Tracy for more information at 715-849-3311 or

United Way of Marathon County: Plant a Seed At Home. A little seed today will grow and produce a harvest toward health in our community tomorrow. Start seedlings that will later be planted in community gardens. If you need seeds sent to you in the mail or more information call 715-298-5719 or email

In-Kind Donated Items Needed

Response to COVID-19. For items that people would like to donate, call the agency first and if you can, consider ordering online and having in-kind donations shipped to the specific agency. Please call ahead and arrange safe drop off or shipping with the agency coordinator.

The Salvation Army: Donations of Laundry Soap.  Laundry soap (HE type) is needed. Contact Colleen at or call ahead (do not text) at 715-370-3431.

Boys and Girls Club of Wausau Area: Donations for Unmet Needs Closet. Items below are in demand: Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, pads, tampons, combs, razors, socks, notebooks, folders, pencils, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, erasers and pens. Contact Mao Thao at or 715-573-2349.

Various Needs for PPE from Businesses Not Using at This Time: See United Way of Marathon County volunteer listings at

Source: United Way of Marathon County