Dear editor,

Even though there are not many signs out, Tuesday, May 12, is an important election. We have a precious opportunity to fill Sean Duffy’s vacant seat with a strong advocate for our Wisconsin 7th Congressional District.

Tricia Zunker stands out as the best choice to represent us in Washington. Tricia has abundant energy, determination and skills, and the compassion needed. The first in her family to graduate from college, Tricia is now a law professor at age 39. Her upbringing means she understands struggle and hard work. Tricia says her political values are shaped by her family history. She will fight for civil rights, fair trade deals for family farmers, access to health care and ending predatory loan practices. Her service as head of the Wausau School Board has taught her the importance of community engagement from elected officials and how to work with others who have differing political viewpoints. She believesthis is possible.

Tom Tiffany has been our representative in Wisconsin for the past 10 years, plenty of time to know what he stands for: Promoting outside mining industries that desecrate landscape, contaminate ground-water and ruin Wisconsin estuaries for fish spawning. Tom refused to index the gas tax to help counties and cities afford to fix our roads. He voted against accepting Federal Medicaid expansion dollars, preventing needed health care for people who can’t afford it; but supported tax breaks for Foxconn, gerrymandering and suppressing voters.

Please vote for Tricia Zunker!

The Merrill Peace Study Group

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