Dear editor,

I‘m supporting Tricia Zunker for Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District for the following reasons:

She has demonstrated leadership as president of the Wausau School Board.

She has reached out to residents all over the 7th District, visiting most of the cities and towns throughout this expansive territory.

She stands for farmers, for small business, for families, for unions, for teachers and public schools—as well as other constituencies and causes which I also support.

Her opponent, Mr. Tiffany may have name recognition but he is also known for supporting the mining industry in northern Wisconsin over community interests. He’s no friend of our environment or our local governments; he supported reducing regulations of high capacity water wells. He slipped a last-minute provision into the budget bill preventing local governments and lake associations from protecting their lake shorelines with regulations more stringent than state rules.

His advertising says he supports President Trump and would go to Washington to “help drain the swamp.” That tired phrase has produced little, unless you count the dozens of Trump appointees who’ve been fired or resigned from the White House staff.

Mr. Tiffany also reports that he’s supported by Scott Walker (defeated in the last election) and Sean Duffy (resigned mid-term).

I prefer someone who’s supported by the hard-working, average people of Superior and Prentice and Ashland and Ladysmith and Wausau. I think that’s Tricia Zunker.

Jim Force of Wausau

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