Dear editor,

Tuesday, May 12, is an important election. It’s our opportunity to put a true citizen’s advocate into Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.

When choosing between candidates, ask yourself three simple questions:

Do they treat everyone fairly?

Do their actions respect our heritage and beliefs?

Do they have a history of supporting the common good of our communities?

Tricia Zunker stands out as the best choice to represent us in Washington! She has dedicated her life to improving the lives of our children, families and communities.

Tricia will fight for Wisconsin’s farmers, demanding face trade deals, financial support for family farms, an end to predatory loan practices.

Zunker has a history of protecting civil rights of individuals, regardless of ethnic backgrounds or relationships, giving them freedom to live peacefully, productively, in our state and country.

Tricia believes it should not matter if we live in rural communities or city. All of us should have access to, and our choice of healthcare professionals, hospitals and nursing homes.

Tricia understands how important our public schools and colleges are to strong communities. She’s committed to properly funding our schools and making higher education accessible and affordable.

As a mother and school board member, Tricia knows hungry children can’t learn. She fought to put food pantries in Wausau’s public schools so children could have meals after school and weekends.

Vote for Tricia Zunker on May 12 for the future of our children, our communities, country and our Wisconsin Way of Life!

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