MADISON, Wis. (AP) —Gov. Tony Evers said Monday that Wisconsin was sending 2,200 test collection supplies and personal protective equipment to Green Bay to deal with a coronavirus outbreak there that carries a “significant risk potential to the community.”

The Brown County Health Department planned an update on the situation Monday afternoon. It said Friday that a spike in cases was tied to one entity in the area but did not name it.

There were 215 confirmed cases and one death in Brown County as of Sunday.

Evers said that the state was taking “big steps” to expand testing capacity, which health leaders have said is an integral part to combating the spread of the virus. The state now has 36 labs processing tests, up from eight a month ago.

There are also now 11 Wisconsin National Guard teams helping to collect specimens in hot spots and under-served areas, Evers said.

Evers said the state will enter into more public-private partnerships in the weeks ahead, but it needs more critical supplies from the federal government. Evers said the state has been able to purchase 250,000 additional test collection supplies that should be arriving in the coming weeks.