Dear editor,

I have lived nearly my entire life in the 7th Congressional District. I grew up expecting great representation because that is what Congressman Dave Obey did for us. On May 12, we have an opportunity to take back the seat formerly held by Dave Obey. He has endorsed Tricia Zunker for Congress because he knows she will restore proper representation to the 7th Congressional District! The representation we need and deserve, now, more than ever.

With Tricia Zunker in Congress, we will have a decisive leader. We will have a leader who listens to the scientists and experts; she gathers real data before making decisions. We will have a leader who cares about the economy, not just for the rich and privileged but for all of us hard working people of the 7th Congressional District. We will have a leader who compassionately cares about the people of our district, not special interest groups. We will have a leader who believes we all need and deserve health care.

Tricia Zunker cares about education, the environment and jobs that provide an opportunity for all of us to rise. If there is anything this pandemic has taught us, it is that we are all in this together. We are an interconnected community that needs to look out for each other. We need leaders who will do the same.

Tricia Zunker is that leader we are searching for. We have the opportunity to send a highly qualified woman with an outstanding work ethic to be our voice in Washington. I, for one, will not squander this opportunity. I plan to vote for Tricia Zunker on May 12 because it is time; it is way past time that we send someone to Congress who will fight for us!

Lisa Ort Sondergard of Edgar

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