Dear editor,

Tricia Zunker is the only one who deserves your and my vote in Wisconsin’s special Congressional election on May 12.

Tricia, time and again, has proven what a fearless leader she is.

We are living in uncertain times with the pandemic of COVID-19 looming over us. Tricia Zunker is the only candidate who stood boldly saying the elections should mail ballot only for reasons of public safety. Tricia knows how to use her voice for the common good. She doesn’t stop there, Tricia takes it to the next level wanting to empower and improve people’s lives through health care. What could be more important at a time like this?

For those of us who know Tricia and have seen her in action, we know she is a tireless leader. She began on the school board; using her skills to advocate for change for the students with food insecurity in our districts. Tricia made it known that these children are at a distinct disadvantage. Tricia leads with compassion, and found the opportunity to improve the lives of these students. Tricia believes in equality and is immersed in culture and brought to Wausau the first Indigenous Peoples powwow. She did this to share and educate others in our community. Tricia holds a law degree and teaches law online. She is also an Associate Chief Justice on the Ho Chuck Supreme Court.  She is fair and impartial.

Tricia respects and listens to all people. She truly believes all people deserve compassion and an equal chance to succeed. We the people deserve a Congressional representative who has our backs, Tricia does. Please join me in voting for Tricia Zunker on May 12.

Nancy Tabaka Stencil of Wausau 

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