Dear editor,

I am asking others to join me in voting Tricia Zunker for Congress on May 12.

We will not find a more qualified, intelligent or dedicated candidate for the people of the 7th Congressional District. Tricia was brought up in a working family and holds working class family values close to her heart. We need representation in Congress that will look out for workers and their families and is not beholden to Corporate PACs. Her opponent has received millions in outside spending and donations over his many years as a state legislator. Who will he be working for? His actions in state government show his contempt for workers in Wisconsin. We need a fresh perspective representing the 7th Congressional District, not a bought and paid for politician with a record of union busting, environmental recklessness and blindly following party politics. Tricia brings Wisconsin values, common sense and the willingness to work across the aisle for the working people of Wisconsin.

Her opponent also made the decision to put voters at risk during the 2020 spring election. Please consider requesting an absentee ballot from your clerk, so you do not need to put yourself at risk during these troubling times. Ballots must be requested by May 7 for the May 12 special election.

Please join me in electing Tricia Zunker, as our 7th Congressional District Congresswoman.

Thank you, and together we can elect a congresswoman who truly represents us.

Jeff Starr of Mosinee

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