Dear editor,

We support Tricia Zunker for the 7th Congressional District. Tricia will represent us, real people living real lives, in this district. She will not vote along the lines of big money contributors or align with a president who is out of touch with reality.

Tricia Zunker cares about the issues that affect us every day in life, whether it is education, health care or our environment. She is probably the most down to earth person running for a major office in a very long time. That is what we need: someone who is in touch with the reality of our lives here. She is someone who will fight for what we need here and fight to protect our environment.

Mr. Tiffany’s record on our environment is nothing to be proud of and his campaign messages are out of touch with what we really need here in the 7th District. He can stand with Trump all he wants, it won’t help our schools, citizens who desperately need health care or protect our land, water and air.

Please vote for Tricia because she will do a good job for us and for the future of our world.

Jean and Allen Maszk of Mosinee

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