Dear editor,

Tuesday, May 12, is the day that we in the 7th Congressional District can vote for change. Let us limit terms of service by voting in a new representative, Tricia Zunker.

She will protect our precious forests, lakes and streams. Tricia will work to improve our health care system by making it affordable and accessible to all no matter if one lives in a city or a rural community. Zunker supports our small businesses and family farms and will work to keep them solvent. She also believes that we need to live peacefully together no matter our ethnic background or our relationships.

Tricia Zunker is that someone who will make a difference because she will represent all of us, Democrat, Republican or Independent in the 7th Congressional District. She will listen to our concerns instead of having a preplanned agenda.

For a positive change, vote Tricia Zunker on Tuesday, May 12, or ask your city, town or village clerk for an absentee ballot. Cast your vote for a positive change.

Doris Eberlein of Wausau

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