Dear editor,

I’m writing to support Tom Tiffany for Congress. Tom was a successful 20-year small business owner who will work to cut regulations and red tape that prevent businesses and industry from flourishing in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.

He is a 2nd amendment advocate, pro-gun, prolife, pro jobs. We need Tom’s vigor in Congress keeping the freedoms outlined by our forefather in the Constitution. They are challenged every day. We can count on Tom to defend them.

Tom will support common sense environmental standards. During his years in Wisconsin Legislature he advocated improved funding mechanisms for infrastructure improvements. We can count on Tom to support reform of our tax system. He did it in Wisconsin, he will do it in Washington.

The socialist agenda with Medicare for all will bankrupt our country. Tom knows there is a better way with competition and transparency in the healthcare industry. Obamacare is costing Wisconsin resident’s more than former high-risk insurance pool.

Tom will support the president’s agenda to Keep America Great. In these uncertain times, hard-working citizens need a Congressman with empathy and care for the vulnerable, will rebuild our infrastructure, develop a sustainable health care system and keep an excellent education system. Tom Tiffany’s agenda will be keeping this country safe, with less government intrusion in our lives and securing our borders.

Vote for Tom Tiffany now by absentee ballot or in person May 12. Tom Tiffany, principled leader and conservative who will fight for us.

Joanne Leonard of Wausau

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