Larry Draeger of Rib Falls and Marivie Candia of Philippines; April 24, 2020

Patrick Fogarty of Rothschild and Melissa Myhrer of Kronenwetter; May 16, 2020

Nicolai Gerhartz of Schofield and Brianna Haight of Wausau; April 18, 2020

Mason Hagenbucher of Weston and Bailey Peter of Weston; May 16, 2020

Zackery Krause of Wausau and Brittany Hargraves of Wausau; April 18, 2020

Bryan Long of Wittenberg and Nicole Rakovec of Weston; April 22, 2020

Evan Nelson of Wausau and Kayla Lautenschlager of Wausau; April 12, 2020

Thomas Nienow Jr. of Wausau and Hayley Nelson-Perkins of Wausau; May 8, 2020

Brian Normand of Weston and Oma McNabb of Edgar; May 22, 2020

Christopher Paulson of Weston and Amanda Bird of Weston; April 18, 2020

Keith Perkins of Wausau and Misty Christensen of Wausau; April 20, 2020

Jeremiah Rudquist of Schofield and Jessica Schramke of Schofield; April 27, 2020

Kurt Seubert of Weston and Melissa Brickner of Weston; May 16, 2020

Marshall Stieber of Wausau and Micaela Rucker of Wausau; May 16, 2020

Joshua Struck of Rothschild and Allison Wendorf of Rothschild; April 24, 2020

Jacob Thunder of Stettin and Laura Niemeyer of Maine; April 25, 2020

Chad Uting of Rothschild and Megan Roh of Rothschild; April 25, 2020

Matthew Wiegert of Weston and Karissa Mohr of Weston; May 9, 2020

Note: Date noted is marriage date.

Source: Marathon County Clerk’s Office